Tony Scherman

Artists: Tony Scherman

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April 9, 2013 - May 17, 2013

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce our sixth solo exhibition with renowned artist, Tony Scherman. His newest body of work continues his study of larger-than-life encaustic portraiture that is both epic and psychological.

Scherman, based in Toronto, is best known for his impasto paintings where pigment and wax are layered to create lush, textured, and heavily worked surfaces. His portraiture, both of man, woman and animal, resonate a pensive discourse investigating his subjects through a tight lens. While Scherman calls upon literary and historical figures, his approach to his subjects is imbued with contemporary themes—thereby evoking the sense that history is not a static moment in the past, but an ongoing study through the ages.

This exhibition will feature new portraits from a number of Scherman’s series, each reflecting dramatic isolated moments with backgrounds dissolving into shadow and darkness. Scherman’s poignant treatment of Abraham Lincoln, as seen in this exhibition, approaches the man in a humanist tradition.Here one sees Lincoln not only as the President of a crumbling Union, but also as a pained, thoughtful subject whose eyes bear the pain and weight of a thousands souls. Lincoln as a subject is an illuminated solitary soul among darkness, representing the steadfast man that he was in the midst of chaos.

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