Summer Dreams: Electric Coffin, Neon Saltwater & Jennifer Zwick

Artists: Electric Coffin, Peter Gronquist, Neon Saltwater

Exhibition Information:

June 26, 2018 - August 22, 2018
Opening Reception:
Tuesday, June 26, 6 - 8 pm
Artist in attendance

Summer Dreams Artists Q & A, Saturday, July 21, 12 pm

Join us for a special Saturday event! Curator Amanda Manitach will be in the gallery leading a Q & A with Electric Coffin, Neon Saltwater & Jennifer Zwick

This summer Winston Wächter Fine Art is transformed into an alternate reality of overflowing color and light. Electric Coffin, Peter Gronquist, Neon Saltwater and Jennifer Zwick each command a quarter of the gallery, taking us to neon arcades, floral portrait studios, fauna portals and the land of potential unity. Summer Dreams will open on June 26th at 203 Dexter Avenue North, with a reception from 6-8pm (artists in attendance) and run through August 22nd.

Join us for a special Second Saturday event for Summer Dreams. Curator Amanda Manitach will lead a guided tour of the exhibition with Electric Coffin, Neon Saltwater, and Jennifer Zwick, July 21, 12 pm.

Artist collaborative group Electric Coffin blurs the lines between design and fine art. Their work uniquely transforms each space with a collection of installation, sculpture and 2D work. This body of work, Nowhere (Now Here), was inspired by travels around the globe, focusing on the unconsciousness and universal ideals in society and how those are expressed in cultures, societies, and individual thoughts.

Peter Gronquist‘s infinity mirrors are concentric, kaleidoscopic pools of light. This series pulls the outside in, with soft botanicals disappearing into darkness, allowing you to lose yourself, if only for a moment.

Neon Saltwater is a place that doesn’t have a location but exists in the dimension of false memories and dejavu. Neon Saltwater is not only the name for the dreamscapes but of the artist as well. Her intent is to immerse you into an environment taking you out of your element and into a world that is both nostalgic and new. For this exhibition, Neon Saltwater invites you to the love arcade, a tropical sci-fi attraction, that also feels like an abandoned birthday party scene from the past and the future.

Jennifer Zwick’s Flowers & Fabric series captures vibrant bouquets, set against dynamically patterned fabric, creating compositions which imbue personalities on the floral arrangements, sitting for a portrait in a joyful reality where nature is truly alive. She has paired this series with her Exercise in Formal Composition series, which painstakingly deconstructs and arranges flowers creating multilayered triangular forms hovering above or within richly textured soil. With both series, Zwick celebrates the powerful beauty found in simple color and form.

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