Seattle Art Fair 2023

Artists: Barry Johnson, Amanda Manitach, Philip Govedare, Kandis Susol, Michael Schultheis, Mia Farrington, Emily Leonard, Brian Sanchez, Ethan Murrow, Joe Rudko

Exhibition Information:

July 27, 2023 - July 30, 2023

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Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to participate in the Seattle Art Fair 2023. Featuring a selection of our represented artists, our booth highlights work from and inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

From Kandis Susol’s intricate, rhythmic encaustic sculptures to Philip Govedare’s abstracted landscapes of winding floodplains, these artists imbue their artwork with a regional specificity across a range of mediums. Newly represented artists Brian Sanchez, Emily Leonard, and Barry Johnson all explore their connection to the PNW in radically distinct articulations. Sanchez and Johnson have previously created murals for Seattle and express cultural pride through their respective exaggerated color combinations and radical documentation of the city’s diversity, while Leonard’s vapory paintings of magnified flora evoke the lush, late spring growth across the Puget Sound. Ethan Murrow‘s richly articulated landscapes filled with whimsical narratives of canoes, lakes, and deciduous growth honor the artist’s time spent living in Seattle.

Also featured are Amanda Manitach, Michael Schultheis, Joe Rudko, and Mia Farrington, four northwest-based artists whose work showcases diversity of concept and influence through starkly divergent technique and form. Manitach’s graphite and colored pencil drawings center bold text that challenges notions of femininity and power, while Schultheis’ paintings and bronze sculptures utilize mathematics to espouse the profound reverberations of human connection. Rudko’s disassembled and reconfigured found photograph collages rely on complex patterns of repetition and unexpected symmetries to achieve an overarching, inexplicable sense of calm. Farrington’s simplified geometric shapes filled with natural hues emphasize the ebbing relationships of pigment with a restrained urgency. This selection of work showcases the range of style, execution, and medium in our current roster of artists.

Located at:

Lumen Field Event Center
800 Occidental Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134

Booth A05

Opening Eveningpresented by PURE Insurance
Thursday, July 27: 6—9pm

All Public Days
Friday, July 28: 11am—7pm
Saturday, July 29: 11am—7pm
Sunday, July 30: 11am—6pm