ROBIN LAYTON: Capturing Energy

Artists: Robin Layton

Exhibition Information:

January 8, 2014 - February 27, 2014

Robin Layton’s exhibition at Winston Wächter marks her first solo exhibition of her fine art photography in Seattle. Her minimal large-scale photographs capture a moment when water is in motion – either as fog, waves, rain, or clouds. Ethereal and quiet, Layton’s photography transcends time and place. The locations are indiscernible and have the essence of being as “of the moment” as breathing.

Layton is drawn to this imagery because of the constant movement, whether in stillness or in it’s absolute power. As she states, “I have always worked to move away from the literal and static place of photographic art and bring forth in my work the kinetic energy inherent in how I see it in my mind’s eye, life itself. Everything has it’s own power and it’s right to be seen.”

Visually capturing kinetic energy is also found in her photography of basketball hoops, included in the show and recently published in a book of her work, “Hoop: The American Dream.” This body of work is a loving look at America’s game at its elemental level: the basketball hoop. Layton traveled throughout the United States photographing hoops of notoriety and of simplicity. From the President’s personal basketball net at the White House to urban playgrounds and the hoops belonging to the game’s greatest athletes. This series of work chronicles that simple altar where, once again, energy flows and time stands still for a brief moment.

Robin Layton was named by Life Magazine as one of the eight most talented photographers in America. She has been nominated for Pulitzer Prize and featured in the Smithsonian.


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