Matt Gagnon: Space For Not Knowing

Artists: Matt Gagnon

Exhibition Information:

September 13, 2023 - October 28, 2023

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Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our third exhibition with Los Angeles sculptor Matt Gagnon. Space For Not Knowing introduces Gagnon’s new series of sculptures, “Spatial Figments,” alongside his traditional light stacks and recent “Volcano” series. Working between three distinct bodies of work, Gagnon combines intuition and planning across diverse articulations of architectural space.

The Spatial Figments examine interiority through Braque-like inversions of shuttered and opened space, while the Volcanoes invite further questions of containment as unknowable vessels defined by their hidden, burgeoning components. The light stacks further Gagnon’s exploration of the emotional frequencies of color, material, and texture through stratified, fragmented bands of light, wood, and MDF. Embracing ambiguous intention, Gagnon’s new work activates the ongoing dance between exterior expression and interior emotion, radiating with an improvisational glow only accessible to those who have first mastered the craft.

“My work is a mediation between the preplanned and the intuitive. The precision machined edge negotiates with the free formed surface. There is the felt versus the visual and the emotional in relation to the understood.  Questions emerge such as what do we hold onto and what do we let go; where do we start and when is it finished.” — Matt Gagnon

Gagnon studied architecture at Cornell University before joining the studios of Gaetano Pesce and Frank Gehry. He has taught design at Otis College of Art, Parsons School of Constructed Environments and has been invited to speak at Savannah College of Art and Design, Woodbury School of Architecture, City College of New York and University of Central Oklahoma. He has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Metropolis, Surface, Interior Design and Dwell. Additionally, Gagnon has been commissioned by Peter Marino (for Chanel and Louis Vuitton), MTV, The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton hotel groups, Google and NASA’s Deep Space Network facility in Pasadena, CA.