Matt Gagnon: Imaginary Artifacts

Artists: Matt Gagnon

Exhibition Information:

July 28, 2021 - September 18, 2021

Contact GALLERY@WINSTONWACHTER.COM for an appointment to view the work

Winston Wächter Fine Art is excited to announce our second solo exhibition with Los Angeles sculptor Matt Gagnon. Formally trained as an architect, Gagnon is sensitively aware of how we use space, and the impact that can have on our emotional response to our surroundings. Through his light stack sculptures, Gagnon pays careful attention to each element, texture, and color, and what those might evoke. They are subtle symbols of our pasts, our travels, our memories.

“The Light Stacks is an ongoing series mining the emotional frequencies of color, material and texture. Marks from a formalist who wants to be a poet.  The process involves incessant additions and subtractions in search of moments where materials harmonize in unexpected combinations.  Endlessly nonlinear and open to distraction the stackings, directed towards the same vertical conclusion, become vestigial columns from misplaced memories. The question I ask over and over while making these – will this material sitting on this material change how this light will feel, present itself, and stand in a room.” – Matt Gagnon

Gagnon studied architecture at Cornell University before joining the studios of Gaetano Pesce and Frank Gehry. He has taught design at Otis College of Art, Parsons School of Constructed Environments and has been invited to speak at Savannah College of Art and Design, Woodbury School of Architecture, City College of New York and University of Central Oklahoma. He has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Metropolis, Surface, Interior Design and Dwell. Additionally, Gagnon has been commissioned by Peter Marino (for Chanel and Louis Vuitton), MTV, The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton hotel groups, Google and NASA’s Deep Space Network facility in Pasadena, CA.