JULIE SPEIDEL: Native Ground

Artists: Julie Speidel

Exhibition Information:

April 23, 2014 - June 4, 2014

Winston Wachter Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of Native Ground, an exhibition of new sculptural works by Julie Speidel. Please join us for the opening reception on Wednesday, April 30 from 6 – 8pm.

Native Ground presents Julie Speidel’s large, angular, stainless steel and bronze sculptures. Monumental and imposing, this body of work speaks to the artist’s fascination with Northwest geology and glacial forces. When the Vashon Glacier receded from the Puget Sound and the Columbia Basin 15,000 years ago, its movements produced irregularly shaped boulders. These remnants of geological activity can be found throughout the Pacific Northwest today. “The sculptures are the result of time spent in the company of such magnificent rocks. Many hours were spent in the studio distilling their powerful complex geometry and creating stainless steel and bronze works that seek to embody their strength and mystery.” Whether installed alone or in groups of two or more, Speidel’s sculptures have a formidable presence that alters the landscape in which they are presented. Jagged and multihued, they command attention and compel viewers to negotiate the gallery space differently as a result of their presence. With her work, Speidel seeks to draw attention to the immediate environment and capture the delight one feels upon beholding the unexpected in the natural world. “I approach the placement and coloration of these works to create a sense of surprise, the way one feels in the moment of an encounter in nature…I am interested in them less as singular sculptural objects than as catalysts for attention to their larger surroundings.”

Julie Speidel’s work is included in many prestigious private and public collections nationwide. Including the University of Washington, Swedish Hospital, Tacoma Art Museum and in three United States Embassies.

For inquiries please contact gallery@winstonwachter.com, or 206 652 5855

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