JESSICA CANTLIN: Ethereal (West Gallery Exhibition)

Artists: Jessica Cantlin

Exhibition Information:

August 11, 2018 - September 15, 2018
Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 11th, 12 - 2 p.m.
Artist in attendance

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to introduce Seattle-based photographer Jessica Cantlin in her first solo exhibition, Ethereal.

Ethereal is a selection of photographs that spans multiple subjects and locations but share the same dreamlike quality that is a hallmark of my photography. A beautiful landscape is so much more than an awe-inspiring vista. I like to think that my photography peels away the layers of those vistas until the tranquility of the natural world is revealed. From the snow-capped highlands of Iceland to the foggy shores of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, I seek fleeting moments where the atmosphere and environment intersect. This series evokes a timeless sense of intangible beauty that is found in the textures of water, earth, weather, and natural light.” – Jessica Cantlin

Images available in the following sizes:

20 x 30 inches, Edition of 20

24 x 36 inches, Edition of 15

30 x 45 inches, Edition of 10

40 x 60 inches, Edition of 5

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