Iván Carmona: Sueño Tropical

Artists: Iván Carmona

Exhibition Information:

November 18, 2022 - January 11, 2023

Saturday November 19th, 4-6pm
Artist in attendance

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Winston Wächter Fine Art is excited to announce our first solo exhibition with Iván Carmona, Sueño Tropical. Vibrant, monochromatic sculptures capture distant memories of Carmona’s native Puerto Rico, articulated through whimsical abstractions of flora, fauna, water, and earth. Ceramic wall sculptures and freestanding artworks imbued with rippling texture represent fleeting moments in Carmona’s life, appearing as dreamlike, symbolic totems for inexpressible feelings. The sculptures engage with a long lineage of minimalism and visual storytelling, expanding in scope and resonating contrastively with each viewer. Rich, intoxicating pastels and unorthodox curved forms distill complicated emotions into concrete objects.

“The forms are not literal representations, they are abstractions of the recurring dream of the past, or an emotional reflection of my past interactions. Free standing sculptures and wall panels perform for the audience, telling their story.” — Iván Carmona

Iván Carmona received his BFA from the Oregon College of Art and Craft, where he has also taught as a ceramic instructor. His work has been exhibited extensively in Portland, OR and San Juan, PR, as well as Washington, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. He has sculptures in the collections of the Boise Art Museum, the Portland Art Museum, King County Public Art Collection, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico. Carmona lives and works in Portland, OR.