#fromwhereistand: Israeli Photography Exhibition

Artists: Asaf Gam Hacohen, Gidon Levin, Yair Barak

Exhibition Information:

January 12, 2019 - March 2, 2019
Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 12, 12-2 pm
Artist in attendance

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Winston Wächter is proud to announce the group exhibition #fromwhereistand. #fromwhereistand is an Israeli photography exhibition, curated by Tel Aviv native and Seattle resident, Arit Gordon. Gordon wanted to share the love of her home and its richness in artistic talent. Since moving, her perspective has changed, and through this exhibition we see her history through the eyes of photographers Yair Barak, Asaf Gam Hacohen, and Gidon Levin.

Yair Barak’s Parks and Recreation series captures the post WWII developing neighborhoods of Berlin. Once devastated landscapes are now lush, green parks. He pairs this imagery with minimalist geometric compositions, referencing the new modernist, future of these areas.

Asaf Gam Hacohen’s Merge Visible photographs are vibrant scenes, digitally manipulated and flattened almost to abstraction. As you move closer into the images, architecture and figures become more apparent, giving life and energy to the compositions. Hacohen plays with the idea of memory, observation and the digital feed of our reality.

Gidon Levin is a former Israeli soldier, reflecting on his life in service, and his now lifelong brotherhood. Strangers in uniform have become an inseparable family. Capturing these connections through a lens has helped Levin to more fully understand and process his experiences.