History Repeats: Tony Scherman, Amanda Manitach, and Ethan Murrow

Artists: Amanda Manitach, Ethan Murrow, Tony Scherman

Exhibition Information:

February 2, 2022 - March 19, 2022

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Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce our upcoming group exhibition, “History Repeats” featuring new works by Ethan Murrow, Amanda Manitach, and Tony Scherman. Across wide-ranging technique and intention, this selection of work encompasses the ways in which history gets passed down through visual traditions. Calcified figures and boldfaced text magnify moments of stories, cueing viewers in to a vignette representative of something much larger. How does a single image augment lived historical experience? Scherman freezes his subjects with rapidly hardening encaustic, capturing deep essence through fiery, impassioned action. Murrow slyly manipulates the grand realism of landscape painting to reassess the accuracy of histories we unassumingly accept, and Manitach makes impressionistic aphorisms that signify something more inherently authentic than the “real thing”. Each artist draws upon the fundamental grip that individual images have over us— we consume their world-building scenes as a reassessment of traditional notions, as a glimpse into an abstracted reality even more revelatory than the narratives they represent.

Amanda Manitach’s work has been exhibited at the Frye Art Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum and Tacoma Art Museum. From 2012-2015 she served as curator of Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University. She co- founded and co-directed multiple mixed-use arts spaces in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including TMRW Party and The Factory.

Ethan Murrow has been widely exhibited across the United States, and in France, Georgia, and Hong Kong. In addition to working on paper, Murrow creates large-scale wall drawings which have been featured in museums and corporate collections, including the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston MA, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Jacksonville, FL, and Facebook Offices in Ireland.

Tony Scherman was born in Toronto, Canada in 1950. He received his MA from the Royal College of Art in London in 1974. Over his nearly fifty-year career, he has exhibited in dozens of solo exhibitions in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has been featured in The New York Times, Art in America, Art Papers, Art Press, and American Art Collector.