HERE AND THERE: Chris Trueman, Zaria Forman, Irene Mamiye, Michael Schultheis, & Amanda Manitach

Artists: Amanda Manitach, Chris Trueman, Michael Schultheis, Irene Mamiye, Zaria Forman

Exhibition Information:

December 8, 2021 - January 22, 2022

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Winston Wächter Fine Art is excited to announce our main gallery winter group exhibition, Here and There, featuring works by Chris Trueman, Zaria Forman, Irene Mamiye, Michael Schultheis, and Amanda Manitach. This exhibition questions the divide between physical and digital work, highlighting the rich intricacies of our technological world that bleed into everyday life. Textured, sinuous videos are juxtaposed with static, tangible counterparts, highlighting the ever-complicated notion of authenticity. Remnants of fleeting images become forever solidified, yet they only magnify a portion of the sprawling whole. This selection of artists diversely interacts with this convergence, showing us the ripples between media in stimulating, new ways.

Mamiye positions the viewer in abundant digital wonderlands, frenetically blurring distinctions between the real and the fabricated, while Trueman repeatedly layers his work to create a similar sense of enveloping stimulation. Contrastingly, Manitach creates tranquil, patterned backgrounds overlaid with irreverent maxims that make us reassess our own ideals and beliefs. Schultheis most directly references his physical craft through fluctuating bursts of line and color that recontextualize his stationary, radiant paintings. In Forman’s work, even the natural landscapes come with a flair of fantastic artificiality, drawing attention to the beauty in recreation. Everything is presented with a knowing wink that divisions are being crossed, worlds are being built, and nothing is ever quite as it seems.


Chris Trueman: ACD2, 2021, NFT, Video, View video here:

Irene Mamiye: Homage 5492, 2019, Video, View video here:

Irene Mamiye: Homage 1024, 2019, Video, View video here:

Michael Schultheis: Celadon 28 Euclid, 2021, NFT, Video, View video here:

Amanda Manitach: Let Us Strew That Path With Flowers (Emilie du Chatelet), 2021, Video, View video here:

Zaria Forman: Overview: 12 Miles of Lincoln Sea in the Arctic Ocean, North of Greenland, beginning at 80°53’33.86′ N 59°18’18.37’W and moving South to 83° 42’41.77’N 59° 24’6.56’W on July 24th, 2014, 2018, Video, View video here: