Ethan Murrow

Artists: Ethan Murrow

Exhibition Information:

November 3, 2010 - January 6, 2011

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to present Will be Snaring Meteorites, our second solo exhibition with artist Ethan Murrow. Murrow is known not only for his humorous, large-scale drawings, but also for his theatrical, multi-media approach to creating them. Murrow collaborates with friends and family, donning costumes and enacting fantastical stories before creating films that capture the tales of his unusual characters. Photo stills and on-set photography are then used to transform his story into a series of expressive drawings.

Teaming up with wife Vita Weinstein-Murrow, Ethan Murrow is once again spinning a story of sheer absurdity, but with a main character so determined and talented that she is worthy of both confidence and admiration. In this exhibition, Will be Snaring Meteorites, Murrow features a female meteorite hunter. Murrow remarks on his newest narrative, “like many other characters I have developed, the meteorite hunter’s belief and direction is pure and singular. I both admire and fear this kind of certainty.

Murrow’s work encourages the viewer’s imagination to attempt the impossible in order to attain unthinkable innovation. However, it also shrewdly observes that even the best of intentions and intellect can go horribly awry. Murrow asks us to experience this sense of adventure and skepticism vicariously through the strange and inspiring main character in his drawings, filling in the loose ends of his marvelously clever visual story along the way.

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