ERICH WOLL: When Things Go South


Exhibition Information:

September 10, 2013 - October 24, 2013

When Things Go South continues Woll’s study of aphorisms through contemporary sculpture in glass. This exquisitely conceptualized exhibition is infused with a wry sense of whimsy and humor. Investigating tongue-in-cheek phrases with multiple undercurrents of meaning and double entendre titles, Woll comments on and dissects human moral values through phrases that seem everyday to some and foreboding to others.

Woll is interested in an individual’s approach to creatively formulating different conclusions about identifiable imagery and phrases when taken out of context or when it’s presentation is skewed. An aphorism is defined as a brief statement of a principle. Woll examines these statements and interprets them through sculpted glass which acts as a visual metaphor for the aphorisms that may have various tiers of meaning. Often these sculptural works are everyday objects, skewed in their size or orientation, and exhibited in a minimal presentation.

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