Digital Exhibition | Troy House: Saltaire

Artists: Troy House

Exhibition Information:

June 26, 2023 - July 31, 2023

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The images in Saltaire arose from Troy House’s experience sitting on the dock in Fire Island, NY, finding himself more entranced with the fluctuating local color of water than the sunset overhead. Over three years, House documented the rippling specificities of waves, lulling with a soft heartbeat and evoking the pulse of electrocardiograms. The series examines minute shifts in light and texture, presenting the viewer with a nuanced articulation of sky through amorphous gradients sifting atop the water’s surface.

Foregoing traditional photographic printing methods, House collaborated with a skilled craftsman in Texas to develop a process onto hand-coated Belgian Linen. The dense materiality creates a painterly darkness in which the ink and linen accent the darker, enveloping tones of water.

“This transformative mixture allowed me to transcend the mere surface of the artwork, immersing myself and the viewer in a world that transcended the boundaries of perception. In gazing upon these prints, one is compelled to peer deep into the image, forgetting the medium and becoming intertwined with the image.” — Troy House