Digital Exhibition | Mia Farrington: Formation

Artists: Mia Farrington

Exhibition Information:

April 20, 2022 - May 25, 2022

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Across exposed patches of raw canvas, Mia Farrington paints organic, gentle forms that highlight gendered narratives of perfectionism and the importance of irregularity. In Formation, Farrington examines nuanced gradations of individual colors she uncovers in her natural surroundings, filling compositions with self-contained, uniformly layered shapes. Each element nearly brushes into the next, creating a magnetized, ecstatic tension between ostensibly similar colors. Upon closer inspection, the forms reveal delicate, occasionally jagged flaws, while the adjacent hues burst with intensified variation. Farrington exercises precision with an uncomplicated, childlike exuberance, embracing the unexpected and in turn, combatting the socialized drive for female perfection that pervades our contemporary culture.

Mia Farrington was born in Vermont and currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She received a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in painting and minor in Art History from the University of Vermont in 2004. Farrington’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Portland, New York, and North Carolina. Her work is in numerous public and commercial including the Alexis and Andra Hotels in Seattle, and in private collections throughout the US.