Digital Exhibition | Jessica Cantlin: INTO THE WILD

Artists: Jessica Cantlin

Exhibition Information:

November 12, 2022 - December 19, 2022

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With her new series, Into The Wild, Jessica Cantlin turns her lens to Cumberland Island on the Georgia/Florida border, the southernmost barrier island of the United States. Once the property of the affluent Carnegie family in the late 1800s, Cumberland Island now exists under the National Park Service. Using black and white compositions, Cantlin captures the organic, flowing lines nature seems to have drawn, as if in a sketch. The scale of these centuries old residents, some over 400 years old, can take you by surprise when investigating tangled limbs, only to notice a country road diminutively laying below.

“I read about Cumberland many years ago and was intrigued by her untouched and layered wilderness. When I finally came to the island, I found intimate beauty, vivid landscapes, and a true sense that the elements are the only thing that provide consistent structure to this place. These images capture the glory of Cumberland’s wilderness.” — Jessica Cantlin

Jessica Cantlin is a fine art photographer and writer. After leaving her career as a successful attorney, Jessica searched for ways to “feed her wanderlust”. By creating the popular blog of the same name, she was able to document her travels and share her experiences, with the hopes of inspiring others to appreciate the beauty surrounding them.