Digital Exhibition | Iván Carmona: Idols

Artists: Iván Carmona

Exhibition Information:

September 1, 2022 - October 6, 2022

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Composed of playful, interconnecting shapes, Iván Carmona‘s vibrant sculptures reconstruct half-forgotten memories and indefinable feelings as elemental, iconic figures. The Portland-based ceramic artist toys with the history of minimalism, imbuing each form with a myriad of associations— titles gesture towards love, romance, and passion, and the resulting compositions evoke the endless manifestations of such universal emotions. The small, stacked arrangements in Idols bottle up the indescribable, acting as both blank slates and roadmaps to explore and untangle our clouded heads. Drawing upon Puerto Rican landscapes, Carmona activates his own nostalgia to express what feels primordial yet unexplored within all of us.

“Looking back at a particular moment, I might remember a specific shape, color, or feeling. Through the years, these memories take on a life of their own. They expand and contract, shapes soften and blur, and colors push through to become more vibrant. By working with clay, a product of nature, I am able to make the immaterial physical.” — Iván Carmona


Exhibition Images