Digital Exhibition | Alva Gallagher: Icescapes

Artists: Alva Gallagher

Exhibition Information:

April 10, 2023 - May 15, 2023

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Alva Gallagher‘s mixed media wall sculptures examine the liminal state between water and ice, through representations of thawing lakes suspended within intricate layers of cast resin. Inspired by trips to Lake Abraham and Lake Minnewanka in southwestern Alberta, Gallagher’s Icescapes series intrinsically connects with the frozen mountain landscapes, as the translucent, textured layers are cast from molds of ice blocks sourced from nearby rivers. Variegated blues and frosty white tones of mixed paints, oils, and plaster blend into alternatively smooth and coarsely bubbled sections, reading as topographic sceneries of beautiful, yet unforgiving waters. Conflating abstraction and representation into a celebration of organic form, Gallagher’s sculptures invite the viewer into ice pool portals that imply depths well beyond the alluring mystery of their surface.

“I am passionate about the sea and the dual effects of water and ice and aim to mirror their ferocity and calm through the manipulation of my chosen mediums to explore concepts of depth and rhythm.” — Alva Gallagher

Alva Gallagher is a Canadian based sculptor whose installations have been featured in The National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks, the ‘Gherkin’ building in London, the Arthur Cox building in Dublin, and the BMW Art Collection, among many others. She has been exhibited in Ireland, Canada, Japan, Germany, and France. She was recently awarded the Arts Council of Ireland Covid 19 Response Award, and has been announced as the winning artist for the Dublin Dockland Light Commission in Dublin’s core City Center.