TRACY ROCCA: Desert and Sea

Artists: Tracy Rocca

Exhibition Information:

July 19, 2016 - August 31, 2016
Opening Reception:
July 19th from 6-8pm
Artist in attendance

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is proud to announce our fourth solo exhibition with painter Tracy Rocca. The artist will be in attendance for the July 19 opening reception, from 6-8pm.

Rocca has spent her life along the coast and in the desert. Combining these opposing landscapes she creates other-worldly imagery, reflecting the familiarities in all of nature. There is a sense of physical space that you can enter in her canvases. Using thin veils of color, Rocca softly blends around a focal point to induce a meditative, even hypnotic feel. Rocca’s paintings are vibrant, yet soothing, and delicate while substantial. The timelessness and universality of her paintings is immediately captivating.

Rocca’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and is included in the U. S. Embassies Collection, the Microsoft Art Collection, and the University of New Mexico Collection.

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