ZARIA FORMAN: Antarctica

Artists: Zaria Forman

Exhibition Information:

September 9, 2017 - November 4, 2017
Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 9th, 4-7pm
Artist in attendance

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Zaria Forman’s Antarctica, her most recent body of work, was inspired by a four-week residency aboard the National Geographic Explorer. The magnificent yet harsh landscape of Antarctica, where life struggles to exist, is filled with majestic monoliths of ancient ice. Today it is also a landscape in flux. As temperatures rise, glaciers melt more rapidly than they grow. Forman’s large-scale and detailed drawings are meant to make Antarctica’s beauty and critical existence visceral to the viewer. Her drawings capture moments in time in this rapidly changing ecosystem, allowing us to celebrate what is still here, and contemplate what we stand to lose.

Zaria Forman documents climate change with pastel drawings. She travels to remote regions of the world to collect images and inspiration for her work, which is exhibited world-wide. She has flown with NASA on several Operation IceBridge missions over Antarctica, Greenland, and Arctic Canada. She was featured on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and ABC7 Eyewitness News. She delived a TEDtalk, spoke at Amazon, Google, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, exhibited in Banksy’s Dismaland, and was the artist-in-residence aboard the National Geographic Explorer, in Antarctica. Her works have been in publications such as the New York Times T Magazine, National Geographic Proof Blog, Huffington Post and the Smithsonian Magazine. Forman currently works and resides in Brooklyn, NY.