ANGELINA NASSO: Space of Potentiality

Artists: Angelina Nasso

Exhibition Information:

July 16, 2015 - September 5, 2015

Angelina Nasso’s landscape paintings take us on a journey into the realm between realism and abstraction. She is inspired by the natural world, constellations, waterfalls, rock formations, plant life, but her paintings push beyond what we encounter everyday, creating spaces which encompass the energy of all of these elements. Nasso’s new series, Space of Potentiality, explores the boundaries between abstract and representational, the tangible and unknown.

Physicist John Wheeler felt, “we are part of a universe that is a work in progress”.  Nasso’s paintings visually express this process of expanding into oneself on multiple planes.

There is depth and immediacy in her work, which simultaneously pushes the paint forward, while melting away. Her thick layers of paint create stability, while fading into washes. This balancing between elements makes Nasso’s work familiar, yet fresh, lively yet tranquil. There is a fluidity and cohesion to her work that makes each stroke seem part of the next, just as in nature.

Nasso is an Australian New York based artist who has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, and is part of Tiffany & Co. corporate collection in Prague. Please contact Jessica Shea at for any additional press information.

Exhibition Images