Everything and Nothing

Artist: Peter Gronquist

  • Medium Mixed media, New Media
  • Size 48 in. x 48 in. x 3.25 in.
  • Price $35000

About Peter Gronquist

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Multidisciplinary artist Peter Gronquist approaches medium as an endless conduit for experimentation. Working with metal, paint, ceramic, light, and mirrors, Gronquist foregrounds the playfully procedural nature of art, and the constant drive for discovery through form. Light boxes emanate the calm afterglow of an eclipse, and warped aluminum sculptures stand as stoic, suspended fragments of violent motion. Infinity mirrors reconstruct the illusory material as a means of finding something, instead of getting lost. Gronquist sidesteps traditional immersion for a contemplative inquiry into shape, color, and change. The minimalist façade does not peel away, but it confronts the viewer with a warm, tremendous grasp. Gronquist’s diverse body of work treats subverted expectation as an alchemical process— always in flux, yet constant in its ability to render awe.

Born 1979 in the United States, Peter Gronquist lives and works in Portland, OR. He attended the School of Visual Art New York and received a BA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. He has exhibited in New York, London, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and Miami. Peter’s work has been published in GQ Magazine, Hyperallergic, Wired and he was recently named one of the top 15 new artists to collect by Business Insider.

Other Work by Peter Gronquist