Artist: Marcel Rozek

  • Medium Painting
  • Size 65 in. x 79 in.
  • Price $8700

About Marcel Rozek

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Marcel Rozek’s abstract stain paintings emphasize raw materiality and blunt color relationships through largescale, imposing compositions. The Los Angeles based artist creates vibrantly layered color field paintings that foreground texture and transparency of process. Through pouring mixed, diluted paint directly onto raw, unprimed canvasses, Rozek dissects abstract expressionism to an uncomplicated essence, where overlapping shapes and runny bands of color form unexpected relationships. The resulting shapes alter between opaque impenetrability and inviting warmth. Using opposing colors, Rozek conjures murky, phantasmic forms that absorb into the canvas and atop each other. Converging hues recontextualize the initial feeling of a given color as they bleed into mesmerizing nebulas of visual stimulus. Rozek reconstructs traditional color associations as one might tend a garden over a demolished building.

In 2017, Marcel Rozek earned his bachelor's degree in studio art with a minor in drawing and painting from the Myers School of Art in Akron, Ohio. He has exhibited with collectors from Istanbul, London, and Rome, among others.

Other Work by Marcel Rozek