Duty Free

Artist: Asaf Gam Hacohen

  • Medium New Media, Photography
  • Size 1 44 in. x 32.25 in. - $4500
  • Size 2 80.5 in. x 58 in. - $8000

About Asaf Gam Hacohen

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Asaf Gam Hacohen digitally manipulates photographs of vibrant, familiar scenes, flattening them to near abstraction. As you move closer into the image, architecture and figures become more apparent, giving life and energy to the compositions. Hacohen plays with the idea of memory, observation and the digital feed of our reality.

"The atomization of the photographic image and the subsequent extension and replication of single pixels reveals their genome, allowing for an examination of materiality and of the composition of light and color underlying the digital image.  Despite the high-tech appearance of these images, they were created in a laborious, manual, low-tech process." — Asaf Gam Hacohen

Asaf Gam Hacohen lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Other Work by Asaf Gam Hacohen