Before the Jump, Capri

Artist: Deb Achak

  • Medium Photography, Work on paper
  • Size 1 20 in. x 30 in. - $3000
  • Size 2 30 in. x 45 in. - $4500
  • Size 3 40 in. x 60 in. - $6000

About Deb Achak

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Deb Achak is a visual artist and storyteller whose large-scale photographs explore the metaphysical and emotional link between the human and natural world. After stepping away from a 15-year career as a mental health social worker, Achak began her photography practice, employing a visual medium to continue her exploration of the interior lives of herself and others.  Curious to examine the notion of our internal selves, she leans into the elasticity of photography by employing several genres within the medium. Achak’s practice includes swimming with her camera throughout the world, personal narratives created near her home, and painterly abstract florals inspired by baroque paintings. Each body of work is made with the singular ideal, to wrestle with what is under the surface in each of us.

Achak’s work has been exhibited widely national and internationally, in institutions such as The National Museum of Anthropology in Tabasco, Mexico, The Lishui Museum of Art in Lishui, China, and The Sofia Photography Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, The Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, the Southeast Center for Photography, Greenville SC, among many others. Her work has been featured in publications including Fraction, All About Photo, Lenscratch, Destig, Luxe Interiors, Dodho, and Domino. She was awarded a Critical Mass Top 200 finalist in 2021 and 2023 and is a recipient of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award in 2023.  All the Colors I Am Inside is her first book.

Images available in the following sizes:

16 x 24 inches, Edition of 15 - $2,400

20 x 30 inches, Edition of 10 - $3,000

30 x 45 inches, Edition of  5 - $4,500

40 x 60 inches, Edition of  3 - $6,000


Special sizes:

18 x 18 inches, Edition of 10 - $1,650

30 x 30 inches, Edition of 5 - $3,400

42 x 42 inches, Edition of 3 - $5,000


15 x 34 inches - Edition of 10 - $2,600

20 x 45 inches - Edition of 5 - $3,400

30 x 68 inches - Edition of 3 - $5,500

48 x 72 inches, Edition of  3 - $8,000


Other Work by Deb Achak