Troy House

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Troy House photographs beaches around the world with the tranquil gaze of a seasoned traveler. An architecture student turned fashion and advertising photographer, House’s detailed fine art prints retain a nuanced clarity that discreetly places the viewer into bustling seaside scenes. House features soothing repetition throughout his compositions, highlighting rows of impossibly vibrant umbrellas and the complex movement of vacationers and locals navigating the ocean. Central to House’s work is an attuned understanding of various, diverse cultures, all brought together by the lull of the waves.

Born in 1968, Troy House studied architecture at Iowa State University and shot for Associated Press. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in photography, working in lifestyle, luxury, and travel industries, before relocating in New York to continue his work in advertising and further his work in the fine arts. House’s photography has been exhibited in Miami, New York, California, and Canada, and he has been featured in various publications including The New York Times, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Allure.

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Images of This Artist's Installations