Jessica Lichtenstein

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Jessica Lichtenstein’s sculptures expand upon her longstanding fascination with power dynamics and cheeky irony. Concrete hearts embedded with engraved lockets form a representation of the chaotic, messy, and beautiful thoughts that make up a person. The multidisciplinary artist has often emphasized paradoxes— objectification and empowerment of the female body, sincerity in consumerist culture— and her recent series explores the supposed incongruity of one’s whole identity. Potent affirmations and intrusive thoughts coexist within each piece. Lichtenstein confronts the complexities of how women view themselves and are viewed by others. Tender expressions of affection, harsh judgements, affirmations and worries are literally unearthed, and set free, in her heart shaped forms.

“Once I got these lockets and engraved them all, I wanted to have these words and thoughts and emotions sort of spilling, pouring, exploding out. Buried inside, cracked open. All the things that make up a human heart.” — Jessica Lichtenstein



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