Irene Mamiye

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Homage 5492, 2019, Video of VR environment, Edition of 10, View video here:

Homage 1024, 2019, Video of VR environment, Edition of 10, View video here:

Irene Mamiye is a New York-based artist whose work incorporates photography, video, and digital imaging techniques. Through archiving and manipulating online imagery, Mamiye taps into the vastly growing, ever changing landscapes of internet-based technology. She explores the material nature of photography, altering digital wonderlands into luminous, immersive spaces, indulging in over-saturation. Her work is a continuation of evolving new media that seeks to both create worlds and expose tears in the digital fabric all around us.

As shown in her Homage VR series, Irene Mamiye juxtaposes the supposed artificiality of virtual imagery with physical landscapes. Instead of positioned outside looking in, the viewer is submerged in an interior abundance of fragmentation––source imagery of flora, stems, and stamens plucked from the scroll of whatever could grow out of an Instagram feed. The viewer is enveloped in layers of stained vectors, triggering both personal and collective memories.

Irene Mamiye was born in Marseille, France and immigrated to the U.S as an adolescent. She holds a BA in Photography and Global Studies from Gallatin New York University and an MFA in Lens Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work was included in the landmark exhibition The Edge of Vision (2009), mounted by the Aperture Foundation, and in the Museum of Art and Design’s Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography (2014). Mamiye’s work has also been featured in the following publications: Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Elle Décor and InStyle.

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  • Irene Mamiye | Homage 1024

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